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5 Drinking and Driving Defense Tips - Michigan DUI LawyerThe attorneys’ petition also targets several key pieces of evidence, including blood draws and statements taken from Gragson …

Best Criminal Defense top criminal defense attorneys Near Me: Request a free initial consultation with an experienced local criminal DEFENSE ATTORNEY TODAY! It was the second trial in the case for Silvernail, a criminal defense attorney. The judge in his first trial declared a … Gainesville, FL – Musca Law is a Gainesville, FL criminal defense law firm.

Lawyers for real estate broker scott gragson, charged in a DUI crash that left a woman dead and others injured, want his …

"There are several allegations that you can make during your trial to dismiss your accusation, though only an experienced attorney can find success with these tactics," states the firm. "At Los …

Criminal Defense Strategies At Musca Law, the group of criminal defense attorneys takes on a team approach to solving each case. The attorneys brainstorm … “Ghosn’s surprising choice of appointing a human rights lawyer shows his strategy of focusing on human rights issues rather … Michael Noriega, who handles criminal defense cases for Bramnick’s firm, also defended the