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  1. Government attorney charging
  2. Criminal prosecution lawyer
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Prosecution lawyer synonyms, Prosecution lawyer pronunciation, Prosecution lawyer translation, English dictionary definition of Prosecution lawyer. n. One whose profession is to give legal advice and assistance to clients and represent them in court or in other legal matters. law′yer·ly adj. n 1.

prosecution. n. 1) in criminal law, the government attorney charging and trying the case against a person accused of a crime. 2) a common term for the government’s side in a criminal case, as in "the prosecution will present five witnesses" or "the prosecution rests" (completed its case).

Successful prosecution can lead to an individual’s loss of rights, and so a criminal prosecution lawyer must use discretion, perform careful research, and seek justice.

WELLINGTON, New Zealand – Friends say lawyer Rachelle Bergeron planned to soon return to the U.S. after a challenging stint prosecuting criminals on the Pacific nation of Micronesia, but she was shot …

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The new law potentially short-circuits Trump’s ability to shield his associates from prosecution, including former campaign …

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Prosecutor and defense lawyer in Springfield murder argueHis lawyer, Rashid Rehman, faced repeated threats to drop the case. In April 2014, three people, including lawyers for the …